this page is dedicated to my favourite websites on the internet - all links open in new tab!

this page is slightly unfinished (*ノωノ)
favourite neocities pages ₊ ˚ ⊹ 𐀔

₊ ˚ ⊹ 𐀔 ghosthugdimension
favourite goth sites

The Cure - archived late 90's/ early 2000's site from goth band The Cure

The Birthday Massacre - archived early 2000's site from band The Birthday Massacre

Hot Topic - archived late 90's/ early 2000's site from store Hot Topic

darkwave - hosts a bunch of old UK goth sites and services

netgoth - UK based goth subculture website where you could make a profile and search the UK map for meetups/other goths

ScaryBex - darkwave site of user ScaryBex

Vampy - darkwave site of user Vampy

Tasha - darkwave site of user Tasha

Necro - darkwave site of user Necro

Bob - darkwave site of user Bob - below are links from his site

Gothic Pickup Lines - "Hey baby, your coffin or mine?"

Gothic Breakup Lines - "You make me too happy. Go away."

Problems Only Goths Have - "Trying to wash dishes with those flowy sleeves."

Dye It Black - guide on how to dye different clothes/fabrics black

Goth-Friendly Test - quiz to determine how well you get along with goths

Normal-Friendly Test - quiz to determine how well you get along with 'normies'

nostalgia based websites

Windows93 - a website stylised to look and work as an OS, and a parody of the Windows 9x series

Cameron's World - a web-collage of text and images excavated from the buried neighbourhoods of archived GeoCities pages (1994–2009)

My 90's TV - 90's TV simulator where you can watch 90's commercials, music videos, cartoons, talkshows etc...

My 00's TV - 00's TV simulator where you can watch 00's commercials, music videos, cartoons, talkshows etc...

Webamp - website which lets you use Winamp in your browser, just like the 90s

favourite youtube channels

video essay / pop culture

ModernGurlz - video essays about fashion / reviews / pop culture

Jordan Theresa - video essays about pop culture / movies / shows / trends


Tamakid - toy collector/artist with super pretty hair and a massive collection (that i'm super jealous of)! ♡

Inio Asano - channel of mangaka (author of 'Solanin', 'Goodnight PunPun', 'A Girl On The Shore') who livestreams his art

Dollightful - cutest channel that repaints and designs dolls ♡


evefrsr - makeup artist with the prettiest makeup looks/hair ♡

KAWAII PATEEN - collection of makeup videos from Japanese models/makeup artists from different subcultures

Kleiner Pixel - cosplayer (who hits the nail on the head everytime!) with a focus on makeup


INTERNET GIRL - channel of the depop seller/brand owner Internet Girl / Igirl - hauls, vlogs and styling bundle videos - bring back Trashion!!!

MAIAZINE - fashion / interview channel - based in NYC(?) but also does international fashion interviews!

i-D - youtube channel of i-D magazine - my favourite videos are 'i-D Meets' and 'My i-D' videos

Ally Purugganan - fashion youtuber who mainly does fun thrifting videos!

Freddy My Love - girliest fashion channel ever featuring outfit videos, hauls and vlogs ♡

Jemma Mae - lolita fashion youtuber (who i've been watching since she was scene >.<) who also vlogs in japan


Ethel Cain - official music channel but also home to art book tours, ambient music videos and gems such as 'chipping paint (kelsey's birthday party)'

Doss - one of my favourite musicians with stunning visualisers on her channel ♡

Cowgirl Clue - another one of my favourite musicians with stunning visualisers on her channel ♡

Sewerslvt - electronic music artist with amazing crazy visualisers


Between Good & Evil By: Charlotte D'Alessio - conversations with guests & solo episodes about life

Voicenotes with Jordan Theresa - conversations with guests & solo episodes about life/pop culture


Emma Chamberlain - vlogger/lifestyle youtuber with emphasis on fashion/comedy

Mei Yan - jewelry maker with a bunch of pretty content from vlogs to hairstyles to makeup

Jenn Im - started as the fashion channel 'clothesencounters' ~ now does cozy vlogs/lifestyle content

Alexa Chung - channel of it girl Alexa Chung, she doesn't post anymore unfortunately but i was obsessed with her videos !!

cozykitsune - cozy ~aesthetic~ channel with content from painting to lookbooks to vlogs


Soft White Underbelly - interviews and portraits of the human condition by photographer Mark Laita

Of Herbs & Altars - original 90's/00's goth who posts storytimes and nostalgia content from that time mixed with recent reflections on the goth scene

Benny Cake - sweet, intricate and liminal cake making channel

nana825763 - japanese youtuber who makes horror videos (and minecraft videos...) and is currently livestreams making a horror game!

graphics / material sites

Neckdoll - free material site with tons of japanese gothic backgrounds/buttons/graphics (my backgrpunds are from here!)

Glitter Graphics - lots of early 2000's graphics and tools

Pixel Soup - tumblr page containing a large collection of pixel graphics and gifs (my favicons are from here!)

Kaomoji - my favourite Kaomoji site!

GIF button collection - a massive collection of 4540 classic 88x31 buttons from the 1990s, 2000s, and today in GIF format

imood - old school mood status that you can put on your website!

Button Maker - button maker where i made my own buttons (gif isn't supported yet buti just screen recorded & made into a gif!) - blinkie generator you can use to create your own blinkie gifs and customize existing blinkies

SCM Player - free and open source web music player for your site

Photomosh - website where you can glitch images/videos and other effects

miscellaneous sites i like

kikiyamaHP - website of Yume Nikki developer Kikiyama

Song Sorters - fun song sorters/rankings tumblr page for different artists

Tamagothi - downloadable gothy Tamagotchi!

GLB Scans - archive collection of lolita stock photos and scans of out of print fashion magazines such as Gothic Lolita Bible, Popteen, One and many brand catalogs